I was happy to get the first of the books today. The point of the book is that it will be useful to people who want to grow vegetables and also give some ideas on how to use the produce.



It is just under three weeks till I go to the U.S to give my talks on the book tour. I think I may have sorted my talk tonight.  The important thing now is that the dogs do not walk over the talk and move them before I make a note of the order.



I have already got my poppy plants in the ground this year. I few a months ago I saw that the pots that I had left with soil in where full of self-sown poppy seedlings so today I started to plant them in areas they will look good but not be in the way, like between the rows of autumn raspberries.



Today I was able to get back into the fruit cage and run the forget-me-nots through the area. This is going to help suppress the weeds in the spring and give that sea of blue I love so much. It was also good to get the area weeded.



I was very happy to get an e-mail from my friend Beth to say she had found a photo of my book in the magazine of the Wall Street Journal . Thank you Meg and the rest of the Phaidon team, a good start.



It is days like this that I am reminded why England is such a big player in the horticultural world, we have such mild weather through the year. It really is a joy to be a gardener in England most of the time.