And the answer is…..

Pumpkin, it was the pumpkin that poisoned us, thinking about it, it was a little old. I cooked the left over sausages today and ate five out of seven for lunch and have just eaten the last two and all fine. Let that be a lesson, vegetables can become too old to eat, I must have become soft with age, I went to India and drunk the tap water and ate street food and did not have a problem.




Sometimes lunches do go on for too long and it is very hard to get people out of the house, today they did not even stay for the apple crumble. I gave myself and four friends food poisoning which came on in fifteen minutes, hence not having time to enjoy pudding. It did seem untrue at the time. I cooked sausages, pumpkin mash and kale, I think the problem was the pumpkin mash, the pumpkin was not at its best. I removed the plates from the table we went into the next room to look over some paperwork, the next thing, Helen and Louise are being sick in the hedgerow, Andrew is in the loo at the front door, Perry is between here and his house and I am being sick in the kitchen. I am going to cook the other sausages tomorrow for myself to rule them out. I still have a whole apple crumble……



I am very happy with the seeds I got from “The real seed catalogue’ but also the information that they send with the seed, for each variety they tell you what you need to do etc on the invoice page which I am very happy to have, they do have a great catalogue which I will be using again and more next time, they collect their own seed and also tell you how to save your own seed, this is something that I want to start doing more of. Juliet Roberts from Gardens Illustrated told me about them, thank you Juliet.



I have taken out the Broccoli “summer purple’, the seed was sown on the 12/03/14, so we have had our moneys worth out of that crop. I took it out and have dug over the soil so it is now ready for some cold weather, we will light a fire in the house each day next week, the ash will put put onto this area to try to stop club root developing in this area. It is great to have another area sorted and ready for the spring.



I now think I have the fruit cage how I want it and I should not have to go back in there till the spring when I will have to go in and weed through it, or maybe I will go in once more and move some forget-me-not around, they will stop the weeds in the spring. Well today I ran foxgloves through the soft fruit, I want some interest in there from some flowers but nothing that is going to cover the sort fruit plants, as they are the important crop in there.



France gave me snow, it was great to be up in the mountains staying with Peter and Olivia, Olivia being one of the best cooks I know, I am now on another diet. We did have to push the car in the snow to get up to the a farm house to have New Zealand lamb, it was funny to be in the middle of the countryside in France to be given lamb from New Zealand. It is a great system they have in France, the farmers will open up a small room you can have home cooked, local food in. But the highlight for me was the birds that come to Peters bird feeder, I could not stop watching them and it made me remember that in the middle of winter it is a great idea to put out food for birds that live in your garden, and water, a lot of the time winter is hard to come by if frozen over, the birds will pay you back in summer, Peter must have be feeding thirty finches, such sweet little birds.


Early start

I am up very early today to catch a flight back to London and then on to Switzerland, it does seem the long way round at this hour but there you have it. I am very pleased with how it all went yesterday, the whole day was run so well, and they have gathered a very interesting group of people here for this event, I even sat through four talks in German and enjoyed them, it was interesting to have a group of young and old together getting so much out of it, I hope they have another great day today.