This time of the year.

At this time of the year it really is hard to find things to write about and my dear friend Perry has pointed out that he does not really want to read much more about digging but there is is not a great deal happening in the vegetable garden this time of the year, gardening can be a lot of the same work, I do point this out when we have students here. The great news today was that we had a very good frost, I did not want to be working on the soil, so I was able to start something different, taking out the old canes of the Summer Raspberries,we take out all but last years growth, tie in last years growth and cut it back to the same height. A perfect job when the sun is on your back and the soil is too hard to work. 





Last week

Last week was a good week for digging and has kept going this week, the weather is so mild and no rain so far, it does make the work faster, after so much physical work this past month I was a little surprised in the bath that my body was not look a little stronger, more bubbles and things look better. We have also put a cover of hay over the Rhubarb, I use the hay on the outside of the compost heap, it is a very good use of it, the weeds are not such a problem because of the Rhubarb leaves cover the area and do not allow much light on the hay. The digging has now moved into the fruit cage, watch this space and body……