My friend Lee came here at the weekend and we had a look around the garden. I was showing her what we are doing at the moment. Lee asked a very good question;”Do you spend the winter digging’? The answer is that a lot of winter work is to improve the soil for te following season. Another large area dug today.



I have two more areas of garden that have to have compost added to the soil then dug in before the job is over till next autumn. One of these areas is very important, it is the area that we grow the pumpkins in. Pumpkins are very hungry plants so not only will I add organic matter but also well-rotted horse manure.



I did not use all the P.’Charlotte’in the summer but left a third of a row in the ground. Yesterday I decided to see what was going on under there and I have to say the results are great. I will not have to get potatoes in for the symposium. I also now will not have to buy seed potatoes, I have my own.