I have enjoyed walking through the garden at Chanticleer each day to see what new plantings David has done in the vegetable garden. It has changed in the last few days. It is really starting to look like spring down there.




When I travel the thing I want to eat most is fresh salad and here at Chanticleer this is not a problem. David the vegetable gardener picked a selection for our meal on Saturday night, it was perfect and needed. IMG_1205

Going North

I think going North on this tour was the perfect way round. I have enjoyed the people down in the South so much, they are very welcoming and happy to show you who they are. It is also a perfect time to see the South while it is still fresh. Thank you to all my Southern friends. This was not a bad country house of friends to stay in.


First talk

Today I am giving the first talk of my tour in Fort Worth. I am up making Mint and Pea soup. I have the kitchen to myself and just getting on with it. Maybe the best start I could have wanted. Thank you Nancy for such a great start to my trip.


Fort Worth

The first stop on my tour is Fort Worth, Texas. The great thing about staying in private home is you see how the locals garden. I am known to spend a lot of time walking around the neighbourhood. I am very happy to see Nancy growing chard in a decorative way close to the house.



It is great to have Thomas here to help out in the vegetable garden. Thomas is going to take over the garden while I am on the book tour. Today we got the soil ready for direct seed sowing this week, seed will also be sown under glass.



It was great to be weeding under the pear trees today. I was looking up at the swelling buds thinking about the fruit that I am going to enjoy this year.



It was great to go up and see four book shops in London who are going to make a window display with the new cookbook. There are some 12 but we only went to 4. I was so happy to see Nomad bookshop on Fulham Road had covered  the whole window. One of the books open on my Grandmothers recipe.


Study days

The new year of study days has started, the best food at this time of the year is soup. I am still able to use vegetables from the garden, pleased to still have crops like Kale and celeriac doing well.