This winter is a bit like a guest that stays a bit too long. We have all had one or two of these over the years. I was pleased to have a study day today because it meant that I was based in the house. The soil is getting too wet to work on and I have plants to go in. Hope spring really hits soon!4D2F56C4-C872-4AC9-A754-843429E68A84



The trick with staking is to do it before it needs to be done. Leave it until the plants actually need support and you may well find that they have lost their shape or, even worse, that you end up damaging the roots and stems with your stake and string. So stake early and stake throughly.



I am very lucky that when people see interesting seed around the world they often think of me and send me what they find.

The lastest lot came  from my friend Donna who is a New Yorker and has a country house where she grows vegetables and so is always on the look out for interesting seed. These ‘Row 7 ‘ seeds are very interesting because are not only organic but they are produced by people who cook. I feel it is so important to grow for flavour over most other things.



After writing this blog for two years I wanted a break from it, I became a little bored by it and felt maybe my readers had too.

I am happy to say after a trip to Israel I feel inspired again and ready to start back on this blog. I have loved seeing all the inner city vegetable growing here in Jerusalem!