21 Christmas’s ago Christopher gave me a five year dairy and told me that while I lived at Great Dixter I had to write in it daily and this past Christmas was the end of my 20th year of doing so. I am so pleased that he got me into the daily routine of doing this and I still very much enjoy it.



Fruit cage

My aim was to have the soft fruit in the fruit cage cleaned and a layer of mulch around it by the new year and I did it. I did had a few small jobs to do after a visit from Tom but it makes me smile to walk past and seeing it all looking tidy.



When you work on your own it is important to make lists and set goals. It can be very hard sometimes to get out there and get on. I have become very good at setting goals for myself. I have a job list for the Christmas period and so far very good. The fruit cage is almost looking loved.



The summer raspberries are now cleaned up and ready for next summer. The wood that fruited last summer is cut down and the new wood cleaned up and tied in. I will compost the base after pruning the rest of the soft fruit in the cage. B0AE739E-2822-4738-BE91-109E4847A396


I am very happy to be at the point that I am in the garden. The winter digging is behind me and now it is time to start to clean up the soft fruit. There is a lot still to do but I am on top of things.


Thank you Sam

After five days helping me in the garden Sam has gone home. Having Sam here gave me the kick start I needed to take on the winter work. It is not always easy to keep going and so always a pleasure to have someone like Sam here. Thank you Sam for everything.


Sam, day 4

So far we have had a week of having the weather on our side and so have being  able to get through a lot of work. Next year I will get on with the winter digging in the high garden. Today is was more putting compost down and digging in.