Australian Butter

I have found a bean that I can not get enough of and will grow again. The seed comes from the Australian seed supplier Digger club. The name of the bean is ‘Australian Butter’. I cook them for two minutes and find them just perfect.




We got rain this afternoon, it was forecast and so I got out there early this morning and cut a big lot of helichrysum. These have been grown and displayed at GD for a long time. They are perfect for picking now, you do not want them too open. Thank you Matt for the seed again this year.


Clean up

Today Edward and I went through the high garden cleaning out the crops like the peas that have gone over.  The garden is looking very clean and loved and ready for new plantings at the end of the week.



We have had rain off and on for the past three days, the garden is looking so much better for it. Today I was very pleased to be sitting in Mrs Next-doors glasshouse pricking out lettuce seedlings while listening to the rain on the glass.



The tomatoes always look a little sad after their clean up. We have put a new tie on them as they are getting taller. At the same time we have also taken the lower leaves off. I feel this lets the air and sun in on the fruit. In this part of the world you need to give as much sun as you can.


Rain day

We have not had too many rain days this summer, we had rain first thing today. It was great because there are lots of little jobs that I wanted Edward and I to do. One of these jobs was to clean out the jam cupboard, we also keep tea in it. We now have the cupboard ready for this season jam.


Salad dressing

We had a good day in the garden today collecting seed from the coriander. I think we have enough for the next year, we use this for making salad dressing, we do make the dressing a lot. With such a dry summer the seed has ripened very early.

Dried flowers

Every year about this time the ladies who come and sew at GD on a Thursday come out into the vegetable garden and start the picking, cleaning and hanging the Helichrysum. With this dry summer they are a little early. The house does look brighter when they are up.



We had a night of rain last night, the first time for a very long time. I garden smells and looks better for it. I did not want to get on the soil early which was not a problem because I had beans to get ready for the freezer. We now have lots of broad beans in the freezer for the winter symposiums. IMG_1766

Broad beans

Today we took out the crop of broad beans, they have cropped very well for us this year. It is one of the beans that I most look forward to and am very happy with the amount we will have for the freezer this year.  Another space is now open for a new crop.