I am now ready to start the winter digging, it is like getting in the water at the beach, you want to get in but you know how hard it is at first and then the enjoyment after. We have got the areas that we need to dig almost all cover in the compost that we need to dig in. A few more areas have opened up after two nights of hard frosts and another one tonight may take out a few more areas. I have got what I want. A hard frost does make a garden look so sad first thing.



Got it

Well we got the frost last night that they said we would get. I was happy to draw back the curtains and see the world out there white, well a dusting of. You always know that after a hard frost you are going to have a beautiful day out there. We may be getting the same tonight.



As we move into the month of December it seems that we are going to get cold, tonight they say it is going to be a frost of -2. Because of this we have covered over things that need the protection, one of these areas being the cold frame next door with the pelargoniumes in. It is going to be interesting to wake up and see how cold it really is, we do need some cold weather soon.


GD fair

We have now cleared a lot of the ground floor of the house to get ready for the Christmas Fair this weekend. We will have some 26 stall holders here selling their arts and crafts. I did find something that I love, it was a chopping board made by our very own Simon, it looks perfect with my fruit cake on it. It looks like we are going to have the weather on our side. Hope to see some of you here.



It is great to have the pelargonium’s in the cold frames next-door for the winter. Over the years I have found them to get problems with green-fly in the heated glasshouse so it will be interesting to grow them a lot harder this year and just cover the cold frames when we get a hard frost and then try to keep them vented the rest of the time. I do see a lot of plants grown very soft which is a waste of energy and does not make great plants in the long run.