They said it would rain today so I got out there to weed first thing and the break up the soil so that the water would get in. We had such hard soil after not getting rain for a while. I was happy to feel and smell the rain and it is still falling now.



Tom gave me a selection of apples to try. I have enjoyed trying both after a meal or cut up on my oats in the morning. The one that I enjoy most is named ‘Scrumptious’ , it has a very interesting flavour, it is of fennel. It’s parents and Discovery and Golden delicious. Bred in England. It is the apple one the far left of the photo.



We now have the perfect weather for blight to hit, warm and wet. I am not ready to take the potatoes out of the ground so I have cut the foliage down to the ground so that we do not get blight. It has also made me weed the area, it was a great job done. The potatoes will be lifted after the symposium.


Kitchen yard

I am really enjoying the pots that I have in the kitchen yard, it is such a great space and each year we have more pots of vegetables in the yard. I not only have my new favourite bean in the high garden but also have it in a pot in the yard, ‘Australian Butter’.


Thank you Edward

Yesterday I had to thank Edward for a great summer, he has gone on to work in Her Majesty’s tax office, that is what he has a first class degree in. I have known Edward since he was about two and I have to say I did not know when I took him on that he would be such a great gardener, he finds it very natural. I will very much miss my two days a week with such a special person. Good luck Edward in your new job.



This September I am going to go back to NZ, I am really looking forward to a trip back after a much-needed seven-year break. NZ will always be a big part of me but like family you sometimes need a break from them/it. While in Auckland I will give a talk about what I do in the vegetable garden here at GD. Emailinvite_GreatDixter


We grow three different potatoes here at Great Dixter for three different uses. Maybe the one I enjoy most is ‘Picasso’. This is the potato that we grow for baking and I have to say it is very hard to beat a great baked potato.