Root veg

With morning after morning of good frosts it is worth thinking about the vegetables that you need to lift the day before. 4pm is a good time to lift them. The ground is not hard and the light is still good. I have lifted root vegetables today to make soup tomorrow morning. We have a good crop of parsnip this year.


Morning sky

I did ask at the end of autumn that we get some good frosts this winter and we are getting them. I did not remember that with a good nights frost you often get a great sunrise, my bedroom window looks east so I have the best view of them. With a little Justin Bieber on it is a perfect start to the day.



The summer raspberries are now tied in and cleaned up ready for their moment in the summer when they start to fruit. We now just have to weed the area and then feed it in spring when the leaves start to develop, this maybe a job for Thomas, I must start a list. It is great to see the plants in good order, like a fresh-cut rough hedge.



We have not had the rain day that I wanted to bring me inside to make a list of the seeds that I need for this year but today we had snow which meant that I stayed in this morning and made the list. I have found a few new things to try. I was able to get out into the fruit cage after coffee and enjoy the snow with a clear sunny day after a night and morning of snow.


Snow day

It may not be a day of rain that keeps me in but a snow day. The great thing about England when it snow’s is that the whole country stops because we do not have enough snow to get all the equipment needed to keep the country moving like they do in Europe of the U.S. We are lucky, we get snow days, the country stops and takes a breath. If we have snow still in the morning then the dogs and me will go out a shake the snow off the evergreens and I will bake a potato for lunch.



I did think I would have had a seed order to Kyle by now, maybe we need a day of rain for me to sit in and do it. I was very happy to get some more seeds in the post from Antonia  who runs are great residency called ‘First Food’. Antonia has become my Amaranthus seed supplier.



The soft fruit that I have pruned now has a layer of mulch around the bases of the plants, this will help keep the weeds down around them, add some goodness to the soil and maybe if it is a dry summer help keep them from drying out too much. We will add blood, fish and bone in the early spring as the leaves start to show.