At this time of year the seed will germinate at great speed if you have the warmth and water, like we had on the weekend. Seeds that were planted on the 2nd came up three days later. We do not sow seed of plants that flea beetle like till we are into July when we hope that they have gone so we have sown crops like mizuna, turnips and rocket. Of course more beetroot was sown as was more lettuce, of which was sown and is still under glass.



We got what we wanted on Sunday morning, half a day of great rain, the perfect thing to wake to and a reason to stay in bed and read. Well with good comes bad, slugs, they came out of hiding and did a lot of eating in the afternoon, I was happy to give a tour in the late afternoon and see what they had been up to and get some organic slug pallets down before bed, with a good lot of deaths in the morning. It really is something to remember after rain at this time of the year.


Good start

The sweet peas are in flow now, and so the first job of the day is to pick all of them that are open or about to open. The house now smell sweet and with this heat it is very strong. With sweet peas you have to pick them everyday so that they do not run to seed and stop flowering, if this weather keeps up we are also going to have to water them in the next few days. I love it that I only have two colour, they seem to look stronger as one colour in a vase.



We are in a heat wave over here, not something I moved to England to enjoy, I am not a great fan of heat. The thing about England is these things do not last for ever and maybe we will get some great rain from the heat. We now have the gourds in the soil, thank you again ‘farm boys’ and this morning Matt was up early so got the water on the plants, the best start for them.


Farm boys

What does it take to move a compost heap? Three U.S farm boys. I have been very lucky, I have three guys staying who wanted to help out in the vegetable garden this morning and the job that had needed doing since the spring was to move the last of last winters compost and get a new heap started. It was a perfect job for such fit guys, and because they are from the U.S this heat that we have at the moment is not a problem for them. Thank you Adam, David and Jeff, you will be missed.



Another perfect day up in the vegetable garden, we now have 92 tomato plants in the ground. So we need a good hot summer and we will have an interesting crop I think. We got them all in the ground, a stake on each, tied up and ended the day with watering. One of the best starts you can give new plants is a really good soak, not with a can but leaving the sprinkler on the area for an hour.


Get up

This is the sight that gets me out of the bed in the moring, these poppies are growing throught the artichokes that I split this spring, Poppies always look best in the morning before the wind and strong sun get going. The sight really does melt my stone heart.