Kate G

Kate came and spent the night the other night on her way home to the Netherlands. Kate was a very good reason to pick the first of the fennel. I have to say I was very much reminded of just how much I love it, it really does taste like a high summer vegetable. I went and got some fish filets and we had these two things with baked beetroot, just perfect. We had a bottle of sparkling wine which I do sometimes enjoy with a main course, it did all seem to work well together.



At this time of the year GD becomes like the rest of the world, there is a great need for water and everyone wants to control it. Of course I am the same as everyone else. It is very hard to see plants that you have grown start to look stressed. The artichokes are going to need to get some water very soon. I have water on the sorrel now and may need to get up early and get the water on the artichokes before the others come in. I can then have a morning swim which I am very much enjoying, it is one thing I miss in England, the lack of time in the water.





We got back to the tomatoes today, with this heat and sun I really wanted to open them up to get the sun on the fruit. I do always lift the lower leaves on the plant to keep the soil and leaves as far apart as I can and then I do cut off some off the upper leaves just to open the plant up a bit. Air movement is very good for plants as it is for us, I sleep with an open window as much of the years as I can. In this heat all windows open, lots of leaves are off the tomatoes. 



With the change of temperature we have had to get the lettuce out of the ground and into the front porch to start to sell, and today is our friends day so maybe some of them will want to take one home. I also had a local college horticulture group here for a tour today so I gave them each one to take home for their night’s meal. The pumpkins and tomatoes are happy to have the heat, I am not so good in it, time for a swim next door.



I do like to see a lady with a few good diamond on and this weekend we had a few in the house. One of the ladies is known for hers by me but I did not think about the damage they can do on a glass when washing up. One of my glasses now has a diamond cut in a line around the inside, it is going to now be my special glass that reminds me of Linda S. There are not many friends that can sign your glassware in such a way, it must be a good diamond. Thank you for all your help and for leaving something to remind me of you and put a smile on my face.


R.Burle Marx

I was inspired to plant up the beet leaves in a Burle Marx kind of way this year, they are in the fruit cage in triangles that took me a long time to set up. We have four different varieties in there and I have found it very interesting to see how they have done. I have really come to love beet leaves and find them of great use in the kitchen, and in a mild winter they will keep growing for us so give us something to eat when things are tight.



Protection was needed in the vegetable garden, it was put on but not very well. Today I had the time to go back out there and sort it out and put it on so that nothing would get through. The crop that I wanted to look after was the Kale. At this time of the year the big problem for Kale is the white butterfly, I did see one last week and tried to side kick it, not too sure why I tried to do such a thing but it just kept going on looking for something to lay it eggs on.