After all this great rain things are looking great and the best thing to do now is to weed the rows of late summer said and then get the dutch how out and give the soil a turn over killing any weeds in the middle of the rows. I thing I love most about this work is that you can do a lot in a day and the garden looks so much better for it, it also gets the soil ready for more rain which I hope there will be next week, now that the tomatoes are developing they need regular water so they do not split.


Ripe, well almost

One swallow does not make a summer but does one or two tomatoes showing colour make a summer? I am very happy to see that the outdoor tomatoes have started to show a bit of colour, it is good to know that I will at least get five tomatoes out of a crop of 95 plants this summer. The rain has helped so much up in the vegetable garden, the plants are looking so much better for it, now we need some good sun to keep the tomatoes doing their thing.



We got the rain that we needed, since Friday night we have had 39.7mm, and the best thing about that was I had weekend duty and watering has become a large part of the weekend duty so it left us more time for potting on etc. The whole place is looking so much better for it and they say we are going to have rain through August which is great news if it stays warm. L1070083


I could not go to bed without putting a photo of the knife box on this blog, it has so much style in its simplicity. You would not need wrapping paper to give the knife as a gift.



There is nothing like a great knife in the kitchen and today we got just that, Joe who finds great merchandise for the shop here at Great Dixter does like Tyler Brule often look to Japan to find some perfect made things,  he has done just that with this vegetable knife, I have used it for both lunch and super and found it a true joy both times and I still have all my fingers, long may that last, and the knife. The box had such beautiful writing on it so I asked one of our students from Japan what it said, the answer was “for cutting food”, I wish I had never asked.


Doing well farm boys

Adam, David and Jeff would be very happy to see how well the gourds are doing on the compost heaps, I gave the gourds a lot of water two days ago and the weather has been so good that they have now started to look over the edge of the compost heap and will soon start to go down the sides. I always look forward to seeing all the different fruit we get on them. I really think the key to a good crop is lots of water at the start for gourds.