24 hours

I am happy to be spending my last 24 hours in the U.S visiting friends at Chanticleer gardens. The thing that I am reminded most of here is that you can be a world-class garden and still have a sence of fun, it is all round you when you visit this garden. It is also good to see how well St David is doing in the vegetable garden, it looks great and is still eaten from.



It was good to be in the country for the weekend. My break is going to end on Wednesday and then it is time to get back to the garden and get things ready for winter digging. I am looking forward to see my little dogs again. image


I am feeling like a New Yorker this weekend. I have come out of the city. We got the train up to a friend’s place on Friday afternoon and then drove an hour and a half yesterday to see other friends. The fall colour is perfect and so a perfect weekend to be out of the city looking around. I am also feeling very rested today, I just want to sleep now.



Today I went up north of NYC to see a garden that I have not looked at for a very long time but like a lot of the great gardens of the world it does seem to get better with time, or maybe I have just developed better taste and so see more. For me the plant of the day was Amaranthus ‘ Hot biscuits’. There was a lot of seed to use on that plant. Thank you to the staff for giving me such a perfect NY lunch, local pizza.


The future

It has been an eye opener looking around the city of Chicago  and then to come out to the botanical gardens to see how they are working and leading all this movement. At had a great tour to the vegetable garden with the head gardener Lisa, she has given me some more to think about. I now have a lot of ideas about the garden for next year, one of the great things about looking at others gardens. Thank you Jill for such a great trip.




One of the highlights of my trip over to the U.S this time has been to get an understanding of the inner city sustainable farming and food systems. Today I had an interesting tour from Eliza who works for the Chicago Botanic Gardens but out in these communities. Chicago maybe leading the world in this with their Windy City project. Of course these programmes need support and they are looking for 750k to build a new base for it, it is something worth supporting.



Another day, another city. I have now come north to Chicago, I am giving a talk at the botanical gardens on Tuesday but that is after a day looking at the urban gardens up here, I am really looking forward to seeing how they are doing it up here, they seem to be leading things. I have learned so much after a few days in Detroit but there is still a lot to see and understand. One of the jewels in Detroit was the William Morris tapestry at the Cranbrook church.