It really is a joy to be able to go out into the garden and pick what is in season and make a great meal out of it. Tonight it was a tart, Swiss Chard and Feta. The true meaning of gardener cook, I was both again today.


Sort out

Today we got two areas cleaned up and planted with late summer / winter planting. It feels great at the end of the day when you can see what it looked like and how it looks now. Another great day with Edward.



I took the day off after working in the nursery this past weekend. There is no better place than to go and visit Tom and the team at Gravetye Manor. It is always good to look at how things are going there, and the answer is GREAT.



I am not a vegetable gardener this week but working in a friends garden. I come down four times a year and help out, we planted this garden together twelve years ago and make changers and clean it up. I have enjoyed its development over the years.


Soft fruit

Sometimes things ripen at a time when you have a lot on. This week we have a lot in the fruit cage, because I have not got time and it is too hot I am freezing the soft fruit and will make it into jam in the autumn.


Mr Badger

It is that time of the year when the fruit has become ripe in the fruit cage and so Mr Badger breaks in at night to eat what he can. Because of this we have picked as much ripe fruit as was there. I will now freeze it till we have the time to make jam.



We got the Kale in the ground. With it so hot the less that we have next door in pots the better. Of course Edward and I made sure it was covered before we finished for the day. The pigeons will not be having it for breakfast.  Now it is getting a good watering.