At this time of the year for me the most interesting thing happening in the garden is the development of flowers. The plant with the flowers I am most interested in is the blueberry. I love the simplicity of the white flowers. This is a new plant for me.


Beet tops

The winter beetroot has started to run to seed. This is a time when we need greens. The seed tops are very useful in the kitchen, either to eat as a green or sweated down for a tart with something like feta or even raw in salad. They have a nutty taste.


Kitchen yard

Each year I have enjoyed the kitchen yard more and more. It is a part of the garden that I often potter in while food is cooking or I am waiting for something or someone. This is the joy of these spaces so close to the house. It is a perfect size



It is the perfect moment to be in this part of Spain, the wild flowers are at their best.   I really love seeing plants that we grow in domestic gardens in the wild. The plant that I loved seeing the most was the lavender, I have never seen it in such a scale. Another area was a sea of blue Echium valgare and white chamomile.



I talked a lot yesterday about how important seasonal eating is to me and how much better the taste of fruit and vegetables are when in season. Today I had a great day out of the city looking at plants in the wild and also visiting a great vegetable garden. In this part of Spain it is the moment for strawberries and so I ate them like it was my last day on earth. No chemicals were used on these and they where warm, so perfect!



It really does not seem that long ago we had the sprinkler out. Today we have had to get it back out to keep the seedlings moving. It really has become dry again down here in the south east and the growth on the seedlings has slowed down.


Five days

I know there is a saying about five days in politics but as a gardener in England five days in the garden can be so different. We started the week with weather from hell and ended with weather from heaven. I have to end by staying the vegetable garden looks great!


Fruit cage

At this moment I am most interested in the seedlings that we have planted in the fruit cage. My dear friend Kyle supplies most of the seeds that I grow. The great thing about a friend supplying you with seeds is that they get you extra seed and so I get to try lots of different things. I have a great lot of herbs this season, thank you Kyle!



The fruit cage is looking great at this moment. We let the forget-me-not’s self sow in there as a way of controlling the spring weeds, not a lot gets through them. They  give us a sea of blue which I love with the new green of the soft fruit growth.



It is not hard to understand why people who start up gardening can become disenchanted and give up. I am feeling a little like this at the moment with the weather and the effect it is having  on the seedlings I have planted. My bean seedlings are sitting and not putting on any growth.