Five days

I know there is a saying about five days in politics but as a gardener in England five days in the garden can be so different. We started the week with weather from hell and ended with weather from heaven. I have to end by staying the vegetable garden looks great!


Fruit cage

At this moment I am most interested in the seedlings that we have planted in the fruit cage. My dear friend Kyle supplies most of the seeds that I grow. The great thing about a friend supplying you with seeds is that they get you extra seed and so I get to try lots of different things. I have a great lot of herbs this season, thank you Kyle!



The fruit cage is looking great at this moment. We let the forget-me-not’s self sow in there as a way of controlling the spring weeds, not a lot gets through them. They  give us a sea of blue which I love with the new green of the soft fruit growth.



It is not hard to understand why people who start up gardening can become disenchanted and give up. I am feeling a little like this at the moment with the weather and the effect it is having  on the seedlings I have planted. My bean seedlings are sitting and not putting on any growth.