I write this with the windows  open to the sound of rain outside. The perfect sound after two days of planting. Maybe it will rain all night. I am going to sleep well tonight.


Bright eyes

Today was a great day. I have had a great sort out of the plants in plug tray’s. We had a lot that I was not too sure what to do with. It was a light bulb moment today and I now know how to use the plants, I have so many great ideas. I am like a cat on a hot tin roof.


We have not stopped getting salad from the garden all winter but today I was able to pick a large basket of the new spring salad for the study day. We also picked the seeding beet tops for a pie. It was a good lunch.




I had fun sorting out the pots in the kitchen yard. I have developed a love of plectranthus and so I have used them in the pots with tomatoes. It will be interesting to see how they look together in the late summer.



It was great to get the artichokes split on Monday and the new plants in the ground. I have watered them in well but I still have to plan for some not getting through so today I potted a few and will get them going under glass.



Some days it is such a joy to be in your own little world enjoying the job you are doing. For me today was one of those days, seed sowing next door this afternoon in the shade. The dogs also enjoyed moving from sun to shade.



I know that everyone who reads this is going to be shocked by how late I am getting the potatoes in the ground but we have had some very cold night temperatures till last week. The main reason is that I just have not had the time till now.



It was great to get the artichokes split and planted in the new area today. I have a new volunteer who came to a talk I gave last week and will now help on a Monday. Today was Marie’s first day and we worked very well together on this job.



I am feeling very happy with myself. I think I have got rid of the bindweed from the autumn raspberries. It has taken me ten years but I am there now. We have lifted the plants each winter and cleaned the roots and soil, then used a chemical on the young bindweed in the spring. Maybe this year I will be chemical free.



We have now got some of the rain that we needed so I am getting plants in the ground. One of the crops that went in today was the beans. I am always happier to have plants in the ground, and out of the pots.