The soft fruit that I have pruned now has a layer of mulch around the bases of the plants, this will help keep the weeds down around them, add some goodness to the soil and maybe if it is a dry summer help keep them from drying out too much. We will add blood, fish and bone in the early spring as the leaves start to show.



It is interesting when your dogs moves from mans best friend to a garden pest. Miscanthus did just that today when she found a reason to dig in the middle of the chard. I did not mind too much, it was great to see her having such fun. As I write this she is fast asleep, maybe dreaming about digging more tomorrow, but will I let her, I am sure I will.



We have pruned some of the soft fruit. The blackcurrants, redcurrants and gooseberries are now ready for the spring, all they need is some compost around their base. I think we over weeded the area in the autumn so will need to move some forget-me-nots in after the compost is down. They work as such good ground cover in the spring that it would be silly not to have them.


Fruit cage

We have had some great frosts which I have wanted for a long time, we only had two or so last winter, we have had a week of them so far this winter. It does not matter too much for me that the ground is hard because I am working in the fruit cage pruning the soft fruit, perfect weather for the job. A photo of before the pruning.


New Year

It feels great to have the shortest day behind us and we now have the  New Year behind us so we can start to think about Spring/ Summer 2017, it is not just the fashion world that needs to think ahead. What I am looking  forward to most is starting to go through the seed catalogues and to see what I need this year, seeds that I really have to try. I was very happy to have the first of the narcissus out for the New Year, and maybe one of the best ‘Cedric Morris’. I had to bring him inside to enjoy him more.