More digging

And the digging goes on but the area has changed. We have got the high garden looking good and there is not a lot to do this side of Christmas so we have moved on to the major vegetable garden area. This is a much bigger area to get on top of but we have the time. I am happy to have started the digging today up there.



Of course the rocket has run to seed now, we have left in because there are still lot of leaves that can be eaten and we have not cut the flowers off because the flowers will help to protect the leaves from the cold. Yesterday we needed flowers for the table and so I asked Ellie to go and find some and Part of her bouquet was the rocket flowers.  They look great with other flowers, now we have another use when the rocket runs to seed.



The digging is going very well, I still do not have a beach body but I have got a lot of the digging behind me in the high garden. It is good to also get the garden clean so that slugs and snails do not have places to hide in the cold weather, that is going to be the next job up there. By Christmas I would like to have the high garden in good order. I may play a new game on this blog, find the dog in the photo.



That job that I could not start I have started and am so pleased that I have, winter digging. It was a perfect day to get the job started, it was cold but not so cold and it is Friday so I have the weekend to get over it and see the job with rose-tinted glasses when I go back out there on Monday morning. I also love the look of fresh dug soil.