I have started to look for recipes that need tomatoes so that I can use up some of them. Today it was a recipe that I got from Matt, beef meatballs. They turned out very well but maybe not as good as the ones that Matt cooked for the autumn plant fair. We had swiss chard on the side. I am looking forward to seeing the chard the morning after the frost that they say we are going to get.



Today is the first day of the Symposium and so I can start to use vegetables that I have held back. I cut into the first pumpkin to make soup. We also have the great nurseryman Ed Bowen over from the U.S, he sat and watched me making the soup, I think he was a little shocked by the amount I was making, I did point out that I will freeze the extra. It is good to be using them already. I baked the flesh first. The recipe will be in the cookbook.