We are now ready for the cold weather. We have cleaned up the kitchen courtyard and moved the plants that are not hardy. It is good to see what the tulips are looking like, some have started to grow up now they will really start to move because they will get some light and water. I have left the plants out that I do not mind killing in the frost, if we get a major frosts this winter, they are mostly annuals.




It was great to receive in the post today a selection of seed from Australia. As part of my book I have given a list of good seed suppliers and Diggers Club is the supplier that I have listed for Australia. They also sent a new catalogue which I  enjoyed having a look at, there are so many seed varieties I would like to send to my nephew Kosta. It is interesting that Kosta grows a lot of tomatoes, it seems that no one in his house eats tomatoes, my sister brings this from our childhood, time for him to get some other crops in.



The meadow has had a second cut and the hay that I saved from the GD meadow is now down, that was after I planted some different bulbs to give more interest through the season. It was great to be out today because as I worked snow fell around me. We have seen a change in the season over here now, about time.



I am down in Somerset planting bulbs in a meadow with a friend. The interesting thing about working in a different garden is how different gardens use the views around them, or not. This is a walled garden so like GD it is more inward looking than out but this garden has a great rooftop view, the church next-door. It reminds me of a sugar caster.



We are having such a perfect autumn, I do not remember one like it. The garden is closed but it is looking very good which is a bit of a shame that a lot of people are not seeing how good it looks. The problem with this time of the year is that you do not know what the weather is doing so you do stay open. It is going to change soon so enjoy if your autumn is like ours.



We got the hedge cuttings picked up first thing. Then it was time to get the tomato plants out od the ground and on the fire and the area weeded. The tomatoes have done us very well this year but I am happy to see the area clear and getting ready for winter. We also started to put down the compost, my aim is to get the compost down by December and then start the winter digging.



Today was cutting rough hedge day. It was a good day for it as they say it is going to get warm again this week so it was a job that got me hot but not too hot. I love the hedge that runs along the side of Mrs Next-doors gardeners house because growing out of it is a bay tree which has grown so much over the past twenty years that I have lived at GD. It makes it a lot more interesting and means that people visiting us do not look into his landing window.