Another day, another city. I have now come north to Chicago, I am giving a talk at the botanical gardens on Tuesday but that is after a day looking at the urban gardens up here, I am really looking forward to seeing how they are doing it up here, they seem to be leading things. I have learned so much after a few days in Detroit but there is still a lot to see and understand. One of the jewels in Detroit was the William Morris tapestry at the Cranbrook church.


1st Day

I have had a perfect day today looking around parts of the city of Detroit. I have wanted to see this city for so long and today I saw some of it. The real highlight was to see a student from our past. Olivia was with us for a short time but I remember her well. She and her husband are growing vegetables on land that once had a houses on it, owned by the city. I find it so interesting. Thank you Kimberly, you are a star. This is a photo of Olivia in her new house, it still needs some work but they are on it.



Is there a good time to leave the garden maybe not but just before the real winter works starts is as good as any. I asked myself the same question when I said good-buy to the dogs today when they went off to be looked after by Simon and Adele. As we think about putting more covers on ourselves we have started to cover the plants, today it was the turn of the artichokes. Now is the time to pack for my trip in the morning, get ready USA.



My last few days before I go off the the U.S is all about the book and making sure it is ready to go off next week to be printed. I am really looking forward to seeing the final result. Thank you Andrew, Louise and Victoria.



I do not have any wall space left in my room but I had to buy a new ink drawing today of the vegetable garden. Now I need to find the funding to pay for it, if any of you are wanting to get into my good books then this is the moment. We have an exhibition in the house of the work of Louis Turpin, I have to say it really does give a lift to the Great Hall and parlor, perfect for the guests at this time of the year when we are looking towards winter.



The celeriac has really grown well for us this year. I had a break from it for a few years because it was getting a lot of rust. In the past two months the bulbous hypocotyl has doubled in size. I have made sure the plants have had enough water and I think that has made all the difference. 



The tomatoes seem to be the crop that keeps giving. We are still bringing in a good lot of fruit from them each week. I always think the same thing, this has got to be the last picking of the season. Last weeks fruit I baked and froze to use in the winter. Someone did say that we are going to have three months of snow this year so I should put a lot away for this time.



The star up in the vegetable garden is a Mexican plant. It is a Amaranthus called ‘Raza Mercado’. It is at least seven-foot tall now and looking so good. The seed came from Jonny’s Mother, I just hope her crop has done as well. They have a trial of it going on, I need to find out how hers is doing. This year I want to learn more about eating the seed so if anyone can help it would be great. We did eat the small plants when thinning out as part of the salad.