Today is the first day of meteorological autumn here in the U.K and we are starting to have longer, colder nights. This of course is not a bad thing, it is a little bit of a rest time in the garden before the winter work starts. I maybe early with it but I am in the mood for autumn after a great summer. There is still two months till the garden closes for the season so the show must go on. The tomatoes on the window sills are doing well and I have started to cook them down to freeze for the winter.


7 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. yes it is great for all kings of things. You can google Alamos, Sonora MX Not sure if I can send you pics to this site. I was so sorry to miss Fergus in Seattle. I sent a letter before I left the states but have not heard back yet. I do hope to come back to visit at some point. I still miss Christo so much. Good luck with your book! Cheers, Anne

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