War, again….

I have said it before and I am sure that I will say it again. When you get up and go out into the garden in the morning prepare for war. My war at the moment is with the badgers, they are pulling the fruit off the tomatoes. It is not even that they are pulling them off to eat but are just to taste and move on to the next plant. Any of the fruit that has a little colour they will rip off the plant and even some of the green ones. I am drinking a lot of water tonight and will go and pee at the back area in the hope that I put them off….see how that works.


Tender and True

It is always good to get home after a holiday and this was a special one spent with dear friends, London can be a good place to have a week away in. I am back to two days of photos shoots for the book which I was a little worried about after not getting home till yesterday afternoon but today our first day went very well. I have to say that the highlight was going up to the vegetable garden and finding I have great parsnips which I did not know I had. They are good enough to go in the book. I got the seed from Moles Seed, it is one named ‘Tender and True’ and have placed a one pound coin next to it so you can see just how big it is.


Days like this

Sometimes you ask yourself why you got out of bed today. Today was one of those days for me. I was glad when the third thing happened and I knew that it could only get better. One of the problems was that the beehive fell over and I had to stand it up, the bees are really not happy but I did not get a sting. Tonight  I did walk down to see how it was all going, most did seem to be on the outside, I hope with darkness they have gone in. The second of the three f-ups was that my potatoes have blight, I am going to cut them back this weekend. I did lift a few for supper but Jonny did not need them. Jonny came and cooked tonight, that is when I knew the world was good again, oh and after some much needed drinking.



I have taken the cover off the carrots today to have a look at what is going on under there and to give them a good weed. They are looking good and will be happier not to have the weeds around them. The cover is going to have to go back on because we are at the stage when we could have second generation carrot fly attack them, this is August and September, first generation was May and June.  As I have said before now, we are always at war in the vegetable garden. This crop I hope to have for the winter if all goes well, I will leave it in the ground over winter, just have to make sure the slugs do not find them.  



I have a new baby boy who gets me up to the compost heap at the start of each day. I have a very good-sized pumpkin developing. He is a great orange/ yellow thing that does seem to be getting bigger each day. I am thinking of roping off the area because people are standing on the shoots to get to him. I also do not want to go up there and find that someone has knocked him to the ground before he is ripe. What I did not say is that he is hanging down the side of the heap so if he gets too fat he may drop……



I gave some of my time today to the tomatoes, I often walk past them and think how useful it would be to get in there and give them a good clean up, taking off the lower leaves and letting light onto the fruit. I was a little shocked today to find that two of them may already have blight, most of their leaves are gone and I will just keep an eye on things. It was not all doom and gloom up there, Mrs Next-door and I enjoyed eating some ripe fruit from them in Sunday afternoon and there are more starting to show good colour.