War, again….

I have said it before and I am sure that I will say it again. When you get up and go out into the garden in the morning prepare for war. My war at the moment is with the badgers, they are pulling the fruit off the tomatoes. It is not even that they are pulling them off to eat but are just to taste and move on to the next plant. Any of the fruit that has a little colour they will rip off the plant and even some of the green ones. I am drinking a lot of water tonight and will go and pee at the back area in the hope that I put them off….see how that works.



10 thoughts on “War, again….

  1. Well, here in Providence its the same, but probably racoon or opossum, both of which I have trapped before. Not afraid of my pee, or other noxious stuff sold locally. now I’m wrapping the reddening fruit with netting and burlap.

  2. I have heard peeing method works, one thought, could it be baby badgers wanting to play ? maybe leave some tennis balls on veg patch to distract them… I have heard this works with foxes.

    • I think they are having problems with the dry ground and so going for anything, shame it is the tomatoes. This year I am growing ‘Gardeners Delight’ and ‘Crimson Crush’.

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