R.Burle Marx

I was inspired to plant up the beet leaves in a Burle Marx kind of way this year, they are in the fruit cage in triangles that took me a long time to set up. We have four different varieties in there and I have found it very interesting to see how they have done. I have really come to love beet leaves and find them of great use in the kitchen, and in a mild winter they will keep growing for us so give us something to eat when things are tight.



Protection was needed in the vegetable garden, it was put on but not very well. Today I had the time to go back out there and sort it out and put it on so that nothing would get through. The crop that I wanted to look after was the Kale. At this time of the year the big problem for Kale is the white butterfly, I did see one last week and tried to side kick it, not too sure why I tried to do such a thing but it just kept going on looking for something to lay it eggs on.


Take two

We had a study day today so yesterday I spent part of the day getting the food ready for today. I had enjoyed the cold mint and pea soup so much last week that I wanted to give it to the group today. By the time Andrew came in to help me in the kitchen this morning I was in such a state and very unhappy with how the soup turned out. I was sure it was not as good as last time. Andrew is a very good cook and was able to help me get it back on track and the end result was very good. It is great to have a vegetable garden with lots of good herbs in it.



We have now picked the broad beans, another very good year for them. I have used some of the crop for the last meal that the symposium where  here for and the rest will go in the freezer for use at a later date. The garden looks so much better for the removal of the plants, they had started to go rather brown. A new crop will go in there on Monday. It is very important to keep putting crops in. Now that this symposium has ended I will need to start to think about planting for our September symposium.


Less is more

Sometimes less is more and this week I have had two good examples of this. One is with Rococo chocolates. I was given a box last weekend and have very much enjoyed one a day with my coffee, one a day is very new for me with chocolates, I think my nephew Rico would be shocked by this news. The other example is the sweet poppy that has self-sown on the compost heap, I love going up each morning to look at the new flowers. It will be taken over by the pumpkins at some point but I am sure it will have gone over by then.


Cold soup

Today I made a cold soup for the group and was very happy with the result. It was pea and mint, both of which came from the garden. The peas are doing very well up there for me I am happy to report. I have to say a good  vegetable soup comes down to not only good vegetables but also a great stock and the stock was a result of the three roast chickens that I roasted for the symposium group the night before. Jonny got me to cook the stock there and then and the results where right, I also used the shells from the peas in the stock.



The Kale is now in the ground looking very happy with protection over it. We have had a lot of rain in the past few weeks but I still gave the plants a good watering in, I really think plants need the best start in the ground and so water is needed and this year slug pallets are a must, there may not be any plants in the morning if not. We have eight varieties in the garden is year. This is my payment for Mrs Next-door for the use of her glass house, she loves Kale.