And the great news of the day is that the tomatoes are in the ground. Not only are they in the ground but we have the new stakes for them in also. I need to thank Little Mike for making this happen. In the past we have used bamboo canes, now we are using our own split chestnut. It looks so much better for it. Jonny gave me two of his Tomatoes to help make up the numbers, he is always good to me in times of need and his are looking so much better than mine. We should have rain tonight but I have watered them in very well just in case it does not come.




It is great to have the first of the pumpkins in the ground now. I always have two lots. One lot goes into the same bit of ground at the end of the garden which I have added more and more compost to over the years and the second goes into the two and three-year old compost heaps. These still need to be weeded before I can plant them up. It is great to have more plants in the ground. I have given them a good soaking and some organic slug pallets, we have the heat so it is a good start.



We are now going through the High Garden cleaning up the crops that have gone over and getting the soil ready for some new plantings. It was good to see a new area at the end of the day. I have to say the slugs are a major problem over here this year, after such a mild winter they are doing very well. We are really having to watch the small plants that are going in, a lot can be eaten in a night.



The tomatoes have moved from the warm glass-house to a rather cold area between the glass-house and the hedge next-door. I have to say I feel a little sorry for them because it is rather cold here on the eastern side of England this week. We have wind from the North, they do say it is going to change next week to come up from the warm South of Europe. I can see why the English have such good skin, the sun is not out long enough to damage it. With luck the warm weather will be here next week for the tomatoes, they are very ready to get in the ground.



It is great to have a flower next to your bed that reminds you of a friend, today I picked two flowers from the Rose ‘Wedgwood’, this rose is growing in Luciano’s border, James was working on the border today. It could not be more of a Linda Cobb flower, Linda is a dear friend of mine. The plants are very small and so the flowers can not be held by the plant so I just had to pick them. I will be thinking of you at bed time tonight Linda Cobb xxx