We have made it over to Rome, and I have to say I did get us all rather lost but we have now made it to the apartment which will be home for the next five days. We are all happy with it so far. We went to a local place for our first meal, they had a great house wine which we enjoyed a little too much. We have a great view over the city from the apartment onto the hills, it is like something out of a Robert Frost poem. I now look forward to getting to know this city. In the morning our dear friend Lee will get here and the fun will begin, she is our tour guild for this trip.



3 thoughts on “Rome

  1. I know where you are I’ve been up there it is absolutely fabulous. Rome is one of my favorite cities! There were so much to do so much to see and so much to eat in that city. There are different sections just like in Buenos Aris Argentina. It is one of the most fascinating challenging because there’s so much to see and do cities that you’ll ever go to , enjoy a Lee leading you I know you’ll see some fabulous art. I am so jealous I wish I could be there with you guys it will be fabulous!! Much love L

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