Z is for

Zaluzianskya. Matt Reese came to visit a few weeks ago to collect some artichoke plants and with him he had a number of plants for me that I could have in pots for the kitchen yard. Three of these plants where zaluzianskya’s which are night scented plants. I gave away one of the plants to a friend who also gave me a number of plants for pots and the other two I have on my bedroom window sill. It is such an amazing thing to smell as the light starts to drop, I can smell the scent from my bed, it all rather intoxicating and sexy I have to say.



2 thoughts on “Z is for

  1. Hm, I have a pot of them this year and I can’t really smell them. Do I have duds, do you think, or is this one of those things where some people can smell them and others can’t?

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