Bite size

I have taken a very different approach to the garden this season. I am not spending too much time looking at it as a whole but have broken it down and now just spend the time in one place at a time, get that cleaned up and move on. I think this system works better and stops us feeling it is all too much. It was a great week in the garden, I really do not have a lot under glass anymore. The gourds and Pumpkins are now out and on the compost heaps, sweet Adam has said he would come and help next year. Most of the beets are now out that ran to seed and frozen for study days and the next symposium. A very happy birthday Linda Smith for yesterday, sorry I missed it.





4 thoughts on “Bite size

  1. Thankyou Aaron for this advice I took it today when I visited my allotment, slight panic at first sight, then I just did a bite size piece…feel happy with the result.

  2. Great advice. The other challenge is to actually work on the job you set out to do. Many times I say I’ll spend an hour in the garden doing a particular job, only to find that I get distracted by weeding and similar tasks. Then I’ll find my hour is up and I’ve not even started the job I set out to do!

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