It is great to have a flower next to your bed that reminds you of a friend, today I picked two flowers from the Rose ‘Wedgwood’, this rose is growing in Luciano’s border, James was working on the border today. It could not be more of a Linda Cobb flower, Linda is a dear friend of mine. The plants are very small and so the flowers can not be held by the plant so I just had to pick them. I will be thinking of you at bed time tonight Linda Cobb xxx


4 thoughts on “Cobb

  1. This post inspired me to pick some lily of the valley for my own beside table. They are at the other end of the spectrum from your voluptuous roses, but just as sweet in scent and reminiscence, I am sure.

  2. My dear friend, what a sweet sentiment from you today. Makes me very very happy. I grow this rose in my garden and you are right, it is one of my favorites.

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