At this time of the year you really need to move the small plants on so that they do not stop growing. This is sometimes something that is hard to keep on top of when you have sown a lot of seed. I have a friend of from Canada this week, Beth is a great painter but comes from a family of gardeners so we had our meal the other night then I had her down in the nursery pricking out. Perry came in a took this photo that I love so much, it is me with a tray of dill. Thank you Beth , thank you Perry.


Free day

At this time of the year it is always very useful to have a free day, a day you can try to catch up on yourself. I feel I got so much worked done today. On Friday I was feeling like I was getting very much behind in the garden but after today I feel a lot more sorted. I do still have a lot to do but feel like I can get on top of it all over this next week. there are a lot of plants to get in the ground but after today have the areas ready for them.



There comes a time when we all need some kind of support. Today the broad beans needed the support. I know that there is a lot to do in the garden at this time of the year, it is giving me some sleepless nights but you need to keep a close eye on the plants that are growing. It is better to support a plant before it needs it than running up to the garden as it is getting dark on a friday night and trying to support a row of plants before you get the wind they say you are going to get on the six o’clock news. I can sleep better knowing the beans have support. 



My desk is looking like I have had a visit from Barbara Cartland. It has some great pink tulips that Jonny grew and then pinked them, I got a bunch, it is one called ‘Aveyron’. I think it is a great tulip to grow to use as a cut flower. This is the tulip that I think I will grow under the espalier pears trees next year, it will look very good with the blossom from the pears.



As the weather has now turned for the better and looks like it is going to be good for at least a while I have put the other two varieties of climbing beans in now. These two I have not grown before and the seed was sent from my dear friend Laura. B. ‘Zelma’ and B. ‘Bingo’, I will keep you up to date with how they do. I have to say the B.’Cobra’ that I put in a few weeks ago have found it hard out there and are not looking great. I hope this rain and heat will turn things around for them.




On Tuesday morning at 1:45 Conifer (my dog) needed to be let out onto the lawn. As I stood on the front path with bare feet, light rain was just starting to fall, it was great to go back to sleep knowing we had our rain. The rain did not end till coffee this morning, it was that good soft rain, harder sometimes but mostly soft. The garden as a whole looks so much better for this rain. It could not have come at a better time for the artichoke slips that I have just planted, they are looking great. We are not out of the woods yet to see if they are going to all take but the rain has helped a lot.



With such perfect weather on the weekend I really had no reason not to go down and say hello to the bees and see if they made it through the winter well, they do seem to be doing very well. There is some honey that we need to take from them, we did leave them a lot for the winter now it is time for us to have some and them to get on and make a load more for us in the autumn. The weather is perfect but of course after ten days of no rain it becomes the thing we want most. They say we are going to get it in the night so I am going to sleep with all the windows of my room open so I will hear it when it starts.



Week end

It is always great to end the week feeling you have worked hard and things are a lot better for what you have done. It does help a lot when it is time to get out of bed on Monday morning if you ended the week on a high. I am very pleased to see a lot of the seed that was sown last weekend is already up. The beds are also looking a lot fuller for my planting. The weak area of the garden seems to be a first lot of seed sown in the High Garden. I will move to that area next week and have a close look at what is going on, maybe the water I gave the area yesterday and this heat will help.



With the change in whether we must remember that seedlings need water, as do we who work out in the heat. Tonight is the first night of moving the sprinkler from one area to the next. I leave it for an hour at each point so that the plants get a good watering. I feel it is better to give a good amount of water and then leave it for a few days. The small plants are already looking better for it. Remember that the water is going to bring out the slugs while you sleep. Never forget we are at war………L1070847


It was the turn of the leeks to go into the soil today, they look so small and thin when you plant them and then by winter they have got to such a good size. I have found leeks to be such a useful vegetable in the kitchen over winter. We do go through a lot, that is one of the hard things to get right, growing enough useful vegetables. In a way it is much better to grow more and make a load of soup than having to go out and buy more. This year I am growing two, L. ‘Musselburgh’ and L. ‘Northern Lights’.