Week end

It is always great to end the week feeling you have worked hard and things are a lot better for what you have done. It does help a lot when it is time to get out of bed on Monday morning if you ended the week on a high. I am very pleased to see a lot of the seed that was sown last weekend is already up. The beds are also looking a lot fuller for my planting. The weak area of the garden seems to be a first lot of seed sown in the High Garden. I will move to that area next week and have a close look at what is going on, maybe the water I gave the area yesterday and this heat will help.



4 thoughts on “Week end

  1. This post made me think, thank you… Because I work over the weekends during the summer it can be difficult to step back and see the bigger picture of what I have achieved in the last week or fortnight or so. I’m hoping writing my blog will help me do this – have you found this to be the case? However I think there’s nothing like stepping back and surveying a newly cleared or planted area to give that true satisfaction!

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