With the change in whether we must remember that seedlings need water, as do we who work out in the heat. Tonight is the first night of moving the sprinkler from one area to the next. I leave it for an hour at each point so that the plants get a good watering. I feel it is better to give a good amount of water and then leave it for a few days. The small plants are already looking better for it. Remember that the water is going to bring out the slugs while you sleep. Never forget we are at war………L1070847


6 thoughts on “Water

  1. So very true, and this year as we’ve had a lack of frost I fear there will be a lot of slugs to battle!

  2. We seem to be having the traditional English weather here. Rain rain and more rain. We’re worried that our plants will start rotting. And just last week we were in danger of fires because it was so dry! Gardening is always a challenge.

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