Today there was a declaration of war. The war is between a mouse and me. Last night the mouse ate a lot of my pumpkin and gourd seeds, the ones that I had sown at the end of last week. The little thing lifted the seeds from the plugs and ate them, it did not want the shell, they were left on top of the soil. To see the shells there was like a slap on the face from it to me. I have to say I am a little worried that there is not going to be a good display of pumpkins and gourds this year. Jeff, Adam and David do not book your flights yet…….


8 thoughts on “War

  1. We have the same problem, too. I’m advocating for a greenhouse cat, but, in the mean time, we do both humane traps and snap traps. We also cover flats with wire mesh (called hardware cloth in the US). It’s always so disappointing to lose those precious seeds and the precious time.

  2. Humane traps are our solution, but we have to let the creatures go some way from home. I can only keep my seeds safe on the top shelf in the greenhouse, the little blighters don’t seem to have found any climbing ropes yet. Nature is always finding some little problem for us to solve. Hope the next lot come up OK.

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