While I was in Somerset Debbie from our nursery said I had to go and see the gallery Hauser &Wirth, so I did what I was told and booked in for lunch on Sunday lunch. I have to say I found it all very interesting. There was a lot of good-looking people enjoying the sun, a few right on parents with children that needed a good slap but they served good food and that does it for me. There is not a lot of art but what there was interesting. The show at the moment was based on Indian cooking pots, I loved seeing them again and also seeing them in art form, it was like being back in an Indian market. The garden was as bad as I thought it would be, the designer was Piet Oudolf and of course his gardens only seem to look good a few months of the year, well that is what I think anyway.



5 thoughts on “Somerset

    • Thank you so much for the offer, I will let you know when I am back. What do you think about the garden, I really feel it should look a lot better if you are open to the public.

      • Good oh! I think the H&W garden does fit very well into the local landscape and I have seen it looking stunning at other times of year – but I’d agree that now isn’t the best time to see it.

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