Fragaria vesca

Today I was reminded just how much I love wild strawberry plants. I have an area along the side of the Yew hedge that they have taken over. It is a very sunny sport and today it was very warm up there,  so a joy to get down on my hands and knees and have a good look at the sweet little white flowers, knowing I would be eating their fruit on a nice summers day. I still want to move some of them into the back of the fruit cage so they can take over that area, I will have even more fruit to collect in the summer, what joy. It is an area that is not used so they can take it over and stop any weeds.



2 thoughts on “Fragaria vesca

  1. We have these growing beneath some cotinus bushes where they do very well. When they send runners out into the surrounding gravel I replant them into the main bed. The berries are a bonus – I do like ground cover with benefits.

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