Friends seed

I was very happy on Saturday morning to open a package and find three different Bean varieties from my friend Laura in the form of seed, and her own that she saved from last year. Getting seed or plants from a friend is great because you are reminded of them in a very nice way. I am really over growing sweet peas now, I would rather use the space for different beans. Maybe next year I can give up the sweet peas and have a great row of different Beans as a trial, and find the best. If any of you have a climbing  Beans that you think I should try please let me know.




One thought on “Friends seed

  1. I adore Kwintus and Helda beans. They are similar to each other–tall, flat-podded pole beans. They get very long, but not stringy, and they are full of delicious bean flavor. I struggle to find them every year here in the US. If you find a new favorite, please share the name! Some beans simply do not have enough flavor and aren’t worth it in my book.

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