Starting young

I had a FaceTime call last night from my nephew to tell me all about the work he is doing in his vegetable garden. kosta wanted to tell me what he is going to replace the present crops with. Kosta really does seem to be planning the garden work very well and thinking about what else he would like to try (he is only seven years old). I really could have cried in the middle of the call, I was just so touched by Kosta and what he had to say. Kosta also wanted to know about what I was doing here and asked when I was going to sow the seed of pumpkin. I have used one of the twenty-five photos that he sent me for this blog. It is his  tomato plant in flower and with small fruit developing. Kosta gets him big brother Rico to go out with him in the morning to kill slugs, they are eating his sweet corn.



4 thoughts on “Starting young

  1. I am so proud you planted the seed & it looks Like the next generation is on fire!!! You will have to bring him to Dixter now to finish his Hook on gardening! L

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