The vegetable garden has now really started to take off with the help of the shade cover, it has been very interesting to see what the difference the shade has made. We are also having to make sure the plants get water everyday. I just worry a little that I have now made more work for my brother-in-law Daimian but I think the end results will be worth it. They can also put a pump in and take water from the ground, all the garden will look better from the water from the sprinkler. They have the heat for growth over here but now water is needed.


2 thoughts on “Water

  1. What difference has the shade cloth made? Are you noticing that you need to water less? Do take off the shade cover when you water or do you water through it?

    • We could see a difference the day after we put the shading on. My nephew Kosta has taken over the looking after of the garden as I am back in UK but I was told today that all is going very well and they have now taken the shading off as it is not so hot and they have rain. When the shading on we watered throught the wire fence.

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