New garden

Visiting my sister I am reminded just how much my sister has no interest in gardening, she gets that from our Mother. Herhusband on the other hand has great interest in the garden. Now that their children have got a little older and are showing interest in the vegetables they eat he has decided to put in a vegetable garden. So yesterday they planted it up together, it was fun to see the children help. Now they will have to wait and see what happens. The youngest child Kosta was already out this morning looking for peas.


3 thoughts on “New garden

  1. Good on your sister and her family for teaching gardening! It does have an impact. 30 years after I sowed my first pea or nasturtium, I still have that problem–I sow seeds and then find myself staring at the ground waiting. It can be very hard to be patient with plants.

  2. Lucky them that they have you to help guide them in the planting. Love the shorts i take it that is warm there. I love it that ur sister has no interest in gardening. lol. My dear daughter could care less about gardening as she was NEVER interested. I used to force her to sell my books doing open garden days, then I would give her 25% of the sales.

  3. You are a great uncle , and who knows how the next generation gets its passion. You have passed th passion. Let’s see what happens!! Love L

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