Well before I got on this flight to Hong Kong I did not know about the great American Johnny Appleseed. I now know a bit about the eccentric folk hero who traveled around Ohio in a canoe with a bag of apple seed in the early 19th century as the new arrivals were required to plant 50 fruit trees on the land that they claimed as a sign they intended to remain. It seems that a lot of these trees were apples, the fruit was used to make cider and applejack (a crude brandy), I think this help take the edge off such a hard new life they had taken on. It seems that there are still wild apple trees from his seed on the back roads. It does sound like a perfect road trip for Tom Coward after all the apple tree planting he has undertaken over the years.



5 thoughts on “Johnny

  1. Cider was safer to drink than water in those days. Prohibition wiped out the hard cider culture in the 1920s, but it is coming back strong now. Apples are such a part of the culture in the northern US that I bet most people think apples are native trees.

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