The best way to end the symposium was to sit around the pantry table and try the different fruit vodka’s that we made in the summer. The star of the tasting was the Blackcurrant, it still had that good strong smell to it that you get when you prune the plant. Next was the Raspberry, it was one that you could have sat down to on a sunny afternoon and not got up till the bottle was finished. I am very pleased that we had made these and given them time for the taste to develop. I will make a lot more of the Blackcurrant next summer.



8 thoughts on “Vodka

  1. Summer in a bottle!!
    How did you make it??
    I love blackcurranra and raspberries too.
    Love your posts. Wish I could visit Great Dixter one day . Heard Christopher Lloyd and Fergus Garrett speak when they visited Vancouver
    many years ago
    Have a few of his books too

  2. Do you eat black currants fresh off the plant or always cooked or soaked in vodka? Everyone that tried our black currants fresh thought they tasted dreadful. They are lovely made into preserves, though.

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