I do think that when you travel the thing that you miss most, well I do, is good fresh vegetables. So I try to serve a lot of good vegetables from the garden when people are here for the symposium. At this time of the year salad can be harder to find out in the garden but this winter I have turned to the young beetroot leaves and also the perpetual spinach, these the young leaves also. I do have to get in lettuce but there is still a good salad out there. The group do seem to be happy with it.



One thought on “Salad

  1. Here’s the thing that impresses me about your cooking Aaron. We Americans think nothing of going to the grocery store and grabbing a BAG PRE PACKAGED (!!!) lettuce for salad. When I rub shoulders with you and Dixter i am stuck by the idea that going to the store would NEVER enter your head at all, even if there were plenty of grocery stores. THIS is an important thing. Cannot wait for your book.

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