The dogs came out into the kitchen yard today and thought there had been a delivery for them, carrots that they did not have to lift on their own. The ‘Danvers’ carrot is still doing great for us. I love it when you choose a carrot for the name and it turns out to be a real doer. I was worried that after so long in the ground it would have started to grow white hair all over it as they do but maybe all this cold has stopped that. The only real problem seems to be a little damage from slugs and dogs. The seed comes from dear Kyle in the U.S and she ordered it from The Natural Gardening Company.


One thought on “Takeaways

  1. Wow look at all the carrots. I’m very impressed Aaron the dogs look like they love this. I have at least 10 Cardinals in my tree right outside the window it is breathtaking

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