I have lifted the last of the potatoes that had started to regrow. I had said that I may leave them in the ground to have new potatoes in the ground for Christmas but I want the ground to be clean and I know that the slugs would find them, they had already found a few already and as it got colder they would have needed to eat more. It now gives me a good clean area to dig.



New growth

It is always interesting to see what happens to the garden with this very mild but windy weather. The potaotes that are still in the ground have started to grow again. I leave the P.’Charlotte’ in the ground till I use them, we still have half a row in the ground that we have not used. It has now started to grow, part of me wants to leave it in the ground and see if we can have new potatoes for Christmas. I could cover them in fleece on the cold nights if they ever come.



The problem with putting potatoes in the store for the winter and then going away is that the rot can get a little out of hand. It is something that you smell befroe you see it. There is always going to be a little rot but you need to get in there and get any out that are on the turn. With it raining this morning it was the perfect thing to do. Beacause we had a wet late summer I think more have rotted than would be the case in a good dry summer.




Fruit cage

I ended the week getting things ready for next week. I have now moved into the fruit cage. There is a large area in the fruit cage that is ready to be dug,  today I got the soil ready by putting the compost onto the area. I just need to rake the compost onto the area and then next week I can start digging. You will notice on this photo how well the row of spinach is still looking, this is down to the mild weather. I aim to get all areas that are free dug over by which time we have a frost and more areas will be ready.


Job done

The hedge looks so good, I can not put into words just how good it looks. The fruit cage is going to be so much better for the removal of the hedge, I will not let the hedge got so tall again, there is no need, six foot would be perfect. I may think a bit different after the storm that we are going to have in the night hits the garden. I am going to have to plant something along the back of the fruit cage. In the past it was too dark to grow anything, I am thinking alpine strawberries. I love the fruit and they make a great ground cover.



The soil up in the vegetable garden has had a lot of compost added to it over the years but I am still bringing up clay when I dig, which I do think is a good thing. It is a sign that I am really getting into the ground and putting the organic matter in deep. Which in turn will give the roots a good deep soil to grow in. Today was another day of digging and another area looking a lot better for it. We need a frost in two weeks, I will be well on my way by then to having the garden in order. Linda Cobb, I hope you are not going to have lower back problems after looking at this digging.



Well the winter digging started today and I started with the area that I want to improve the most. Today I dug a lot of compost into the pumpkin patch. I have the grow a bigger pumpkin than Chris next summer. The area will have a lot more light now that the hedge is cut down. Over the past four winters I have put more and more compost into this area and today I saw the results from this, there is a lot less clay and a lot of good dark soil.