I am now getting myself ready to fly back to England this morning, I do love a night flight. We had a great time over here, Frank and Linda Smith where the perfect southern host, anything we wanted was sorted for us. And the team at The Dixon put on a great study day, Susan ran it a Swiss clock, it was an honour to be a part of the events. Now it is a day in England and then on to the Netherlands for me.



We went out to the country today to have a look around Linda’s farm. It was good to see the leaves on the trees have started to turn, I am sure that the Autumn colour is going to look good soon. But for me the highlight was seeing a hummingbird, the ones in the city seem to have gone south for the winter. Hummingbirds are a bird that you can spend a lot of time watching.


Good use

Today we went and had a look at a garden with great style in a very natural way. In this hot climate green is a very useful colour, it helps you feel cool. The lady of the house was head gardener and under gardener, you can feel her love in the whole garden. I was very happy to see at the front door two very good pots that were planted up with a salad crop, so it was used as a foliage plant, a joy for me to see. And look at the pumpkins.



Our day of talking is now over. It was a very well run day that I think a lot of people got something out of. It was not a great moment for me at 2:07 this morning when I tried to find my pen drive and found that I had left it in England, it is hard to get back to sleep after something like that. I am just pleased that Lee helped me to put both talks on drop box, something to always remember.



It is great to be here in Memphis, it is fun to be in such a different place, the sounds are different. We have gone to have a look at the garden where we are giving the talk tomorrow, that is looking good. We have all enjoyed spending time in Linda’s garden, it is looking pretty in pink. It is azalea time down here, a good time to be here, not too hot.





We have made it to the U.S, and have got as far as Fort Worth and missed our flight on to Memphis. Now we are in a burger place at the airport, I need beer. It will be great to get to Memphis and have a look around.



We lifted the gourds today which I was very happy about. I was hoping that I would have the three back who helped me plant but they could not get here so we had some young adults from Chatham, Kent here to help. They are students that have problems at school so they are shown what it is like in the outside world. I think this sort of thing is very good so they do not have problems later but can find a way on the right side of the law. The only girl in the group said she would like to come back and work here in ten years when she is 25. I may need her sooner if my body goes down hill as fast as it is this past few weeks.


Pure joy

In the end it does not matter who we are or the lifestyle we lead, it is the little things that make life that much better. For me seeing this bunch of flowers at the front door each night when I let the dogs out for a pee gives me joy. I am not sure who picked them but I think I know why they got picked last week but each night I enjoy seeing them. I wish you all a good week, and Linda Smith get some rest I will be there in two days.



Today was my last day in the garden before I go away for two weeks and I have to say I need this break, I have kind of gone off the boil this last week. The job I really wanted to do today was to get Mrs Next-doors summer-house ready in case we have a frost and Thomas needs to move all my tender plants from the kitchen yard, we have had a great display from them this last summer. The summer-house is ready. Thomas is going to have to keep a close eye on the weather while I am away and be ready to move things fast if it turns cold. I would love them to stay out as close to christmas as we can, less time under glass the better.



I have to say I am not the king of art but I know what I like and have got to understand a lot more about art since meeting Lee. We went and saw a lot of art today but something that really touched me  was the Waterloo Cartoon at the Royal Academy, it is the work of the Irish painter Daniel Maclise and is the meeting between Wellington and Blucher. It is not often on display and at 13m long I can see why. I would go and see it again.