De Wiersse

It is such a pleasure to wake up and look at this view from my other bedroom in the Netherlands. I have walked over to look at the vegetable garden which is as perfect as always. When I am at De Wiersee I feel like I am Alice in Wonderland, there is no other place I know like it.



Wiseacre Brewery

And something new for me was deep-fried pickles. I think it must be a Southern thing but I enjoyed them very much with a cold glass of beer from Wiseacre Brewery. This is a brewery that was born Memphis, Tennessee, just like Justin Timberlake. I am not a great beer drinker but I loved the different tastes that they had on offer, we also went to the brewery to do a tasting with great food from a food truck. It is so interesting how good the food that comes out of these trucks are. I would love to spend a night in one helping out.


21 hours

It is great to be home, even if it is only for 21 hours. The dogs are not going to be happy when they find out. I took the dogs down to the woods at the end of the day, it is really starting to smell like autumn down there, I love that heavy wet scent. The vegetable garden is really looking great, Thomas has kept it in very good order. The front of the fruit cage is looking so good with the pink of the Nerine bowdenii, there joy is just perfect at this time of the year. It does help people looking into the cage.



I am now getting myself ready to fly back to England this morning, I do love a night flight. We had a great time over here, Frank and Linda Smith where the perfect southern host, anything we wanted was sorted for us. And the team at The Dixon put on a great study day, Susan ran it a Swiss clock, it was an honour to be a part of the events. Now it is a day in England and then on to the Netherlands for me.



We went out to the country today to have a look around Linda’s farm. It was good to see the leaves on the trees have started to turn, I am sure that the Autumn colour is going to look good soon. But for me the highlight was seeing a hummingbird, the ones in the city seem to have gone south for the winter. Hummingbirds are a bird that you can spend a lot of time watching.


Good use

Today we went and had a look at a garden with great style in a very natural way. In this hot climate green is a very useful colour, it helps you feel cool. The lady of the house was head gardener and under gardener, you can feel her love in the whole garden. I was very happy to see at the front door two very good pots that were planted up with a salad crop, so it was used as a foliage plant, a joy for me to see. And look at the pumpkins.



Our day of talking is now over. It was a very well run day that I think a lot of people got something out of. It was not a great moment for me at 2:07 this morning when I tried to find my pen drive and found that I had left it in England, it is hard to get back to sleep after something like that. I am just pleased that Lee helped me to put both talks on drop box, something to always remember.