Perfect day

It is almost two weeks since I had a whole day to spend up in the vegetable garden and it was a perfect day. The day started with a tour from Perry, it is also good to look at the crops and talk them over with Perry. While up there Perry said I had to get all the blight tomatoes out of the garden and on the fire. I had two guests to lunch, one Louise and the other a student who wanted to talk about gardening at GD, Matthew. He is the son of one of the great Horticulturist of Britain so it was great to have him here. After lunch Matthew asked if I would like any help in the garden. Of course the answer was yes and the tomatoes where the top of the list to get out. We got all the tomatoes out that had blight and all good fruit picked. What a perfect lunch guest, I need more like Matthew, young, strong and enthusiastic. I now know what dear Jose rated him so highly.


One thought on “Perfect day

  1. Nice guest! Aaron, I love the staking. It is very handsome! This corner ofthe kitchen garden looks fabulous! I am so proud of your work! You’ve done a great job all around!

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