Some say autumn starts on the 1st September in this northern part of the world, others who use the cycle of the moon say this year it starts on the 23rd, I think it is really moving into autumn here, the sun is going down a lot earlier, it is so much cooler at night. I went to take a photo of the kale for the blog tonight at 19:50 and had to use the flash. The great thing about the cooler nights is the sugar levels in the kale are up so for the meal tonight I used the first of the crop. It is great to start to eat this vegetable again. Sorry about the photo but it was not till tonight that I understood autumn was here.



2 thoughts on “Kale

  1. I agree, autumn is most certainly here. Shorter days, damper, colder mornings and plants ending their shows of summer glory. We’re still holding out for the first frost, which hopefully is still a good way off, but nighttime temperatures are definitely dipping down again.

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