My dear sister would never call herself a gardener, my brother-in-law could and should but not my sister. She now has a poppy that I would love, and it is the right colour and size, standard, Black and Tan, just like my two. Yes she has a sweet puppy, so now between us we have Poppy, Conifer and Miscanthus. Welcome to the family Poppy.


New plants

I was very happy to collect more pelargonium cuttings from Laura while I was in the Netherlands, I now have them in little pots in Mrs Next-doors glasshouse, it is a little too warm at the moment but most of them are doing quite well, I just have to make sure they do not get too dry. If my plan works I am going to have a great collection for next summer in the kitchen yard. I have a dream of holding a great collection.



It is never hard to come home when you love your job and have two sweet little dogs waiting for you. I know that the dogs are also very happy to have Adele and Simon look after them so they are never a worry. When you live and work at the same place going away sometimes is a very good idea, you come back with a fresh pair of eyes, to really see how the garden looks. Going to stay with perfect hosts like Peter and Laura at de Wiersse does make you really look at things with new eyes, thank you both xxx



The vegetable and cut flower garden here at de Wiersse maybe my idea of the perfect garden of this kind I have even known, it is just perfect joy to walk around it and see what Laura is doing in the garden, there is just so much going on. It has a wild side to it but the vegetables are in straight rows. It is not only the scale of the garden but also the lay out of the garden. I had a good look around the garden tonight, it takes my breath away, such joy to be here.


De Wiersse

It is just perfect to wake up in my second favourite bedroom, my one at G D being first. I was woken to a thunder-storm and the first thing that came to mind was if the horses would be o.k with the storm, my dog would be first if in England at G D. Like England they really need the rain for the garden, things are so dry. We have had a great walk around the garden and fed the chickens. I am happy to be back in the Netherlands and have this bedroom view.



In the winter months all we think about while out in the cold is the summer, so in the summer months we should also think about winter and making jam is doing that. Our fruit cage is fill of great fruit that needs to be used and so I have started the making of jam for the winter. So far I have made red currant jelly and black currant jam. It is a great thing to see at the end of the day, jars ready for the jam cupboard.



I talked to Tom Coward on Friday, I was telling him that I was picking some of the summer fruit, he said I had to use some to make vodka with natural flavour of the fruit, well he said to use some of the black currants, I have also made bottles with red currants and used some of the cherries that Louise was kind enough to bring over this afternoon. Tom wants use to drink them at Christmas by the fire, not sure I can wait so long.



With the good whether we have had in the past month the tomatoes have started to move. For me a very important job at this time of the year is to cut off the lower leaves so that with hope you have a better chance of not getting blight when it rains. Blight is in the soil, when it rains it bounces onto the leave for the plants so keep the lower leaves off you are keeping the leaves from the soil. You also let air move through the plants and let the sun get onto the fruit.



At this time of year the seed will germinate at great speed if you have the warmth and water, like we had on the weekend. Seeds that were planted on the 2nd came up three days later. We do not sow seed of plants that flea beetle like till we are into July when we hope that they have gone so we have sown crops like mizuna, turnips and rocket. Of course more beetroot was sown as was more lettuce, of which was sown and is still under glass.



We got what we wanted on Sunday morning, half a day of great rain, the perfect thing to wake to and a reason to stay in bed and read. Well with good comes bad, slugs, they came out of hiding and did a lot of eating in the afternoon, I was happy to give a tour in the late afternoon and see what they had been up to and get some organic slug pallets down before bed, with a good lot of deaths in the morning. It really is something to remember after rain at this time of the year.