Ripe, well almost

One swallow does not make a summer but does one or two tomatoes showing colour make a summer? I am very happy to see that the outdoor tomatoes have started to show a bit of colour, it is good to know that I will at least get five tomatoes out of a crop of 95 plants this summer. The rain has helped so much up in the vegetable garden, the plants are looking so much better for it, now we need some good sun to keep the tomatoes doing their thing.


6 thoughts on “Ripe, well almost

  1. I was given four tomato plants this year (I wasn’t going to grow any myself, due to poor yields the last couple of years). They came with labels that simply said “tomato”, no clue as to the variety. They’re now fruiting well, so much for poor yields!

    I had been waiting for the first fruits to ripen to that rosy red, however they’ve failed to do so. I’ve realised that’s because they are a golden yellow variety, a and very tasty they are too.

    Love reading the blog, keep writing 🙂

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