New plants

I was very happy to collect more pelargonium cuttings from Laura while I was in the Netherlands, I now have them in little pots in Mrs Next-doors glasshouse, it is a little too warm at the moment but most of them are doing quite well, I just have to make sure they do not get too dry. If my plan works I am going to have a great collection for next summer in the kitchen yard. I have a dream of holding a great collection.



2 thoughts on “New plants

  1. I started last year but 2 additional beauties I got this year have performed particularly well. P. tomentosum (bit of a brute) and P. Ardens, which has the most lovely, rich, deep red petals and unusual leaf also.

    • Hello Bob

      I have P.tomentosum, got a cutting in the states two years ago, it is doing very well, I love its very light flower form. I have not got P.Ardens, would love a cutting next time you are here, maybe I have some you would like.

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